We don't charge you a fortune to list your vacancy.

 Our Job ads cost just $75 (including GST - because we don't like hidden costs) for 6 weeks exposure.


Don't know how to write up a Job ad? No worries!

Our AI Job Generator will help you get started! Just enter your vacancy details, hit the button and watch as we whip up a starting base for you to edit.

Rattle Gun

We individually promote your job listing.

Not only do we promote your job vacancy throughout our Industry Networks, we also create tailored social media posts which we boost on our Facebook & Instagram accounts!

Panel Beater

We are made just for industry.

You won't be competing with Labour Hire or Recruitment Agencies because they are not allowed to use our platform.

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Quality over Quantity.

You probably won't get as many applicants with us that you will on the big generic websites, but what we can say is that you definitely won't get the volume of inappropriate applicants that don't have a visa or a clue.